5. Traveling light

Fifth English poetry colletion, an ebook with 36 poems by Janne De Rijck, published by Argotistonline, UK, Jan. 2016



4.The trail of the tree

Collection of 103 poems by Janne De Rijck, by Blooms Editions, Be, Dec 2015


Fireflies poem video

A poem from the poetry book “Through The Crystal Veil” by Janne De Rijck , 2013
Voice and photographs and video by Janne De Rijck
Fotos of Janne taken by Joni Nelson


Saved by the Swell

Saved by the Swell, novel by Janne De Rijck, in English,
Published in July 2014, 2nd edition in Dec 2014, by Brian Wrixton Books, Canada.

A Hundred and One Ripples

A Hundred and One Ripples,

3d Poetry volume in English with 1O1 poems by Janne De Rijck (Mary Jane) – Ronse – Belgium
Published Feb. 2014 by Brian Wrixton Books, Canada.

Published in 2014

Third Poetry volume in English was published in Feb 2014

1. Magma in the breeze, Bangalore, India 2012

2. Through the Crystal Veil, Brian Wrixton, Canada 2013

3. A Hundred and One Ripples, Brian Wrixton Books Canada, Ontario, Frb 2014


Dancing cobra

5 september 2013 om 15:44

Who only speaks of desire at night

When curled up snake plays praying mantis

Dancing cobra

Tossing and turning, drenching sheets in sweat

Images of manhood, of pussy, of salty neck…


… he dies not knowing the brand new morning

when eyelids postpone the opening,

aware of the void.

No eyes meeting you before or after

you climb the new dawn’s promise.

No mirror of another soul

to bring out the best in you

make the day a celebration

rejoice in the day we were born,

in the why we survived… hearts forlorn.


Who only speaks of lunar longing

when craving for skin is stronger than ink

the body yearning, inferno, not Dante’s

the mind sucking photographs, typed kisses and blinks…


… he does not know courage evaporating

like a saucer of milk in the garden’s blazing sun

so lush and needy, so silent you sink

even birds hold their breath as they think.

No laughter, no children, no partner, no spoon

Who only speaks of darkness…  

… has never been lonely at noon.                    

MJ De Rijck

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New Poetry Book is out

2 January 2013 New Poetry Book is out
123 Poems by Janne De Rijck


5 uur geleden

Dawn came to my door and said

Have you some time for me?

I looked up at her perplexed

For You any day.



* photo from my front door




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The old oak tree

door Mary Jane op zaterdag 10 november 2012 om 16:36 ·

Like the old oak tree on the hill side

I stand alone

No more tears I will shed

when life claims my kin to serve elsewhere

or lightning splits my partner

I will not droop my branches like the weeping willow

And whisper words of loneliness and sorrow

When my acorns roll down the hill or disappear with field mice

When my oak-lings are eaten by goats, trampled by grazing cows

When lovers come and carve their name,

Love hearts as if my bark were a dead object

I will take pride

Being their pillar of joy, I won’t squeal with pain.

When my saplings are run down by tractors

Or when drought attacks

I will push my roots deeper into the ground.

When cars pollute the air and lungs are suffocating

I will reach higher to make new oxygen

When all my fingers drop before winter comes

While pine trees all around stay green and fresh

And live in close togetherness

No envy will make me shiver

I will keep my pride.

In silence I will turn my eyes inward

Bare naked, my soul will pulsate underground

As an old oak tree I will stand


And embrace survival


And when the walking trail is moved

And no one ever sits with me, resting on my stem,

Or adores my size, my eyes, my shape, my shade

I will not get bored or grieve

With the angels I will converse

With deceased children I will sing

For the odd poet that roams my way

My nicest rustling I will spin


Like the old oak tree on the hill side

Existence alone is my destiny.


MJ (Janne) De Rijck